South Mountain Family Park Campground & RV Resort, Kentville Nova Scotia
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Between exploring the Annapolis Valley and Nova Scotia, you can join in and enjoy the variety of theme weekends that will make South Mountain Park, Family Camping & RV Resort, your #1 destination campground and RV park.


Can I choose my site? What are the sites like?
We want you to be happy with your site and will do everything we can to put you in the one you choose. However there may be an unforeseen issue with booking so we cannot guarantee any specific sites. All of the 3-way sites are pull through for easy access, and are 30 by 75 feet ensuring lots of room between sites. Our 2-way sites are either poolside or in the semi wooded area with washroom facilities located nearby.
Can I put up a tent beside my RV? Can I put up a screened canopy for my camping items and food?
To ensure our policy that two families may not occupy one site, we allow just your RV on your site. Families that want to pitch a small kid's tent please inquire. Yes. Tent sites and RV sites may put up a screened canopy at their site. Limit is ONE Screened canopy per site.
Where is the Wi-Fi located? Are there enough AMP'S for my RV?
Free Wi-Fi service can be found located in the library and recreational hall area. All power sites are 30 amp service.
What should I bring for my stay in the wooden tent? Why do my friends have to pay a visitor fee?
A wooden tent is similar to a tent, but with the convenience of not having to set it up or take it down. You would want to bring an inflatable mattress and bedding. All sites have a picnic table and fire pit. Visitor fees help cover the extra costs of things like chlorine for the pool, fun prizes from activities, and cleaning our grounds. They also get to enjoy all of our amenities during their stay!
Are there a lot of wild animals in the campground? What if I forget some groceries or supplies. Is there a major store close by?
Camping is an outdoor experience. South Mountain Park sits on 115 acres of woods and ponds. There is a good chance you will encounter ducks, raccoons, turtles, deer, and muskrats. We ask that you respect our beautiful wildlife and simply walk away and not bother an animal that frightens you. Our general store has a wide variety of necessities, however, Kentville and New Minas are within 15 minutes from us.
Am I able to bring my dog? Are there any additional charges?
We are pet friendly, but do require all dogs to be on a leash at all times. As we are an environmentally conscious facility, and to help prevent the waste of water, our showers are on coin timers. There is a $0.50 per five minute charge. We also have a rental fee for paddle boats which is $4.00 for half an hour.

  1. We begin taking reservations on April 15.
  2. A valid credit card number is required when making the reservation
  3. Special requests or site requests are noted but not guaranteed

  1. Camping Check in 1pm check out 12pm.
  2. Cabin Check in 3pm. Check out 12pm.
  3. No check-in after 8:00 PM without prior arrangements.

  1. Camping rates are based on ONE family of 5 consisting of one set of parents and up to 3 of their minors. Two families cannot share one site.
  2. No more than 7 people on a site overnight. This includes small toddlers.

  1. All visitors must check in and pay at the general store prior to entering the park.
  2. Visitors must follow all park rules and policies.
  3. Visitors are welcome to use all of the facilities we offer, and can join in on all activities.

  1. A processing fee of $15.00 per site will be charged for any cancellation or change in reservation.
  2. Two night fee will be charged if cancellation is not received by 4 pm two days prior to arrival date.
  3. A one night fee with be charged if cancellation is not received by 4 pm four days prior to arrival date.
  4. Failure to cancel will automatically result in full charge of reservation.

  1. No refunds whatsoever for inclement weather, early check out, family crisis, illness, schedule changes, personal, etc. We have a limited number of overnight camping sites and even smaller number of cabins which causes us to book up quickly. We have turned other families away in order to hold the site for you.
  2. South Mountain Park is a privately owned campground and we reserve the right to remove any guest or revoke privileges for any reason at any time with no refund whatsoever.

  1. No fireworks or firecrackers allowed.
  2. No ATV's, dirt bikes, "utility" or mini motorcycles. You may have battery-operated toys.

  1. We are a family-oriented campground and want to ensure that everyone's stay is pleasant.
  2. Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. No radios, musical instruments or loud behavior during these hours.
  3. Radios should be played loud enough for your site to hear-not sites around you. Radios off at quiet time.

  1. For the safety of minors please ensure that alcohol is put away and not left unattended.

  1. We allow 2 vehicles per site. Additional vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. All vehicles must have a parking pass displayed.
  2. No "utility" type vehicles allowed.

  1. No aggressive dogs allowed. Do NOT bring your dog if you even have a small doubt about its behavior.
  2. Pets must be on a leash or contained at all times.
  3. When tied up at the site, dogs must not be able to reach neighboring sites, or the road.
  4. Pets must be picked up after-even at your site.
  5. Dogs that are barking constantly may be asked to exit the park. Please do not bring your pet if you think he/she may ruin someone else's relaxing weekend.
  6. No dogs inside buildings, inside the pool fence, or on playgrounds.

  1. Parents are responsible for their children's actions.
  2. Children are not allowed to play in washrooms, showers, or laundry facility.
  3. Small children must be accompanied by an adult at all times during your stay.
  4. Kids must be back at their own campsite by 11:00 pm.

  1. South Mountain Park is a gated park.
  2. Security cameras are in use and placed throughout the park.
  3. South Mountain Park representatives make "rounds" throughout the day and late evening to monitor sites.
  4. Security carries a cell phone which is turned on after 11pm. The number they can be reached at is (902) 389-1567. If there are any issues please do not hesitate to call, it is often impossible to resolve issues the following day.